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NBA Policy On Poker Games Could Have Been Triggered


We are aware that poker has become a trendy passtime amongst celebrities and sports stars. NBA players are known for holding poker games between teammates or with mixed teams players and they always turn out to be fun nights.

Things got a little different over the past few days when two Washington Wizards players, Gilbert Arenas and Javaris Crittendon got into a heated argument about some unpaid poker debt.

The argument was so intense that both players took out their hand guns in the team’s locker room but fortunately, it did not go any further.

Coaches from different NBA teams gathered to share their opinions on the incident. While some think that poker has been around basketball players for decades and it is a good thing, many others stated that they do not consider fights over money good for team spirit.

Currently, there are norules about poker on the NBA at the moment, but the NBA might decide to get some policies concerning poker games amongst basketball players after this incident.