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RIP Amir Vahedi – Condolences to Friends and Family


Dear professional poker player Amir Vahedi has sadly passed away due to complications from diabetes. The official date of his departure was January 8th of 2010.

Amir Vahedi was famous for his flashy cigars and his great perdonality. He was a true poker genius, a charismatic person and a great friend to many. In the latest years Vahedi became a great poker teacher and one of his pupils was celebrity poker player Ben Affleck.

Vahedi will be greatly missed and we send condolences to all of his friends and family. “Amir was one of my favorite people in poker…. This is so sad, RIP my friend, your laugh will always be missed!” said Jeffrey Pollack.

During his career he won nearly $3,250,000 from live tournaments, he got a WSOP bracelet in 2003 and cashed 9 times at the World Series.

“RIP Amir Vahedi. Sweet man and a good friend. I am so sad,” wrote Annie Duke.

I could not think of a better way to describe this poker player than his very own words: “A lot of people think I’m aggressive, but really, I’m an opportunist. I take advantage of opportunities that arise during the game. I don’t call that aggression because there are times when I’ll sit on my stack for hours and hours. You have to know when to change gears. But I’ll exploit any opportunity I see, and that takes a lot of hard work. You have to be so aware of what’s going on at the table in order to recognize those opportunities.” Amir stated.