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Cole South Takes $1.1 Million from Top Pros in 1 Day


The Full Tilt Poker high stakes games are always extremely interesting to watch. Mainly because the world’s top pros compete there and bet mad money at every game. Last week the action got intense when Cole South had a super week at the high stakes table.

South probably scored his highest record for one day ever taking $1.1 million away from the other players. He took about $750,000 from recognized pro Ilari ‘Ziigmund’ Sahamies and another $350,000 from great poker player Patrik Antonius.

Cole South also managed to take the largest pot of the year so far off Ziigmund with a value of $634,777. The day prior to this, South had been playing Phil Ivey heads up at 300/600 PLO and took $152,000. Cole South is on fire!

Watch some videos of the above described titan matches clicking here.