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EPT Copenhagen Final Table Set


The PokerStars EPT Copenhagen is already down to 9 players (instead of the usual 8 at the final table) and they will be broadcasting the action on

Italian poker player Francesco De Vivo is on the lead and right behind him is the online satellite qualifier, Danish Morten Guldhammer. Guldhammer has been on fire and he keeps getting good cards so this could be his chance to get his first title.

However, the odds are in big favour of poker pro Roberto Romanello who is probably the most experienced player at the table. This is impressive as Romanello actually got food poisoned while in Copenhagen and still managed to make it to the final table. Homeboy Peter Eastgate had to settle with his 24th finish on Day 3.

This is the final table set and chips counts:

  • Francesco De Vivo, Italy, 2,073,000
  • Morten Guldhammer, Denmark, 2,033,000
  • Roberto Romanello, UK, 1,551,000
  • Richard Loth, Denmark, 1,436,000
  • Anton Wigg, Sweden, 1,412,000
  • Yorane Kerignard, France, 1,164,000
  • Magnus Hansen, Denmark, 1,164,000
  • Jesper Petersen, Denmark, 968,000
  • Morten Klein, Norway, 748,000