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Poker Pros Lose Prop Bet and Will Have to Tattoo Gavin Smith’s Face to Their Bodies


Gavin Smith was taking part of the WPT LA Poker Classic Main Event at the Commerce Casino when this prop best came to exist. The Canadian poker pro won a crazy last longer prop bet with fellow poker pros Joe Sebok and Jeff Madsen.

For Smith, having won the bet means that he will not have to tattoo the faces of the other two on his skin, however Sebok and Madsen are now on their way to the tattoo shop.

Sebok will have to get a tattoo of both Madsen and Smith; Madsen “only” has to get Smith’s face tattoed. When realizing he had lost, Sebok tried to buy his way out of the bet but the other two players did not accept and now he has no choice but to pay out with a tattoo.

Oh the life of the rich and daring! Today, I feel lucky us mortals only get to watch.