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EPT Berlin Crime: Captured Man has Been Released, Crime Remains Unresolved


The EPT Berlin has been making all of the tabloids lately. News broke that the robbers had been identified, apparently the amateur criminals thought it would be smart to stop for a bite at a nearby McDonald’s before committing the crime.

The security cameras at the McDonald’s captured the robbers’ faces in their full glory so the Berlin police said it was only a matter of time for them to capture the burglars.

Last Friday a man was taken into custody because he was supposedly related to the crime, however today the police announced that he has been released.

They said the man was questioned for hours and he denied being linked to the EPT robbery. The German police said that the man was involved with a casino robbery in Berlin six years ago but they did not make it clear if that was the reason why he was arrested.

As the crime remains unsolved, some other poker tournaments organizers, such as Harrah’s, are already thinking of enforcing security at their events.