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Online Gambling Security Could Increase with Two New Products Available


A company which is a specialist consultant in the onlina gaming industry, Chocolate Consulting, has decided to partner up with an expert in online services security, VeriSign, to launch two new products that promise to change the way in which online gambling security has been working so far.

The first product is the VeriSign Identity Protection, abbreviated as VIP, which will work in order to protect players from identity theft and unauthorized usage of their accounts. VIP will also benefit casinos as by implementing this system, they will no longer have to incur the costs of investigations of account takeover as their players will be protected.

“The combination of security and customer trust makes VIP an ideal product for the online gaming industry.” said the head of business development at VeriSign, Phil D’Angio.

VIP is extremely handy as it will also be available in an application for mobile phones and it will be marketed by Chocolate Consulting.

The two companies will also launch the VeriSign Internet Defense Network, abbreviated as VIDN. This product will focus on preventing DDOS attacks as VIDN is a tool that has been successful in detecting the more sophisticated and harder to identify DDOS.

“At Chocolate we work with our partners to help them understand the online gaming sector and tailor their value propositions for market entry programs. With VeriSign we saw a great opportunity to bring security services into the sector that increase player trust and drive lifetime value,” said the director at Chocolate Consulting, Justin Fraser.