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Credit Cards Can No longer Be Used at Casinos in Canada


In the United States, VISA and Mastercard have recently cut off service to customers using their credit cards at online casinos. Canada seemedto be untouched by the block, but it has recently come to our attention that similar hindrances are taking place here.

After attempting to use a bank-issued VISA credit card at a Canadian online casino, a member of the online gambling community discovered that their card was blocked. The error message indicated that the financial institution by which the card was issued would not allow the transaction to take place. We are uncertain whether the block was caused by VISA or the bank, but one thing was clear: we were unable to fund our online casino account.

If you encounter this situation, it may be frustrating but there are very simple solutions to this problem. It may seems as though the next available option would be an e-wallet, however these systems take quite some time to authenticate. So, the quickest option is to register for an online credit/debit card.

Companies like VISA Electron allow players to make payments online through a web-based card. Because the card has no attachment toa financial institution, banks are not able to intercept payments to online casinos. Transfers are instant and secure, as players are never required to give out their own personal bank account or credit card information.The registration process is quick and easy. Our experience with VISA Electron took less than 10 minutes. Within 15 minutes, our online casino account was funded and we were ready to play!