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CryptoLogic to Sue Marvel Comics


In a recent press release online sofrware provider Cryptologic stated that it has started arbitration proceedings against the comic book designer Marvel Comics. ryptologic stated that it had attempted to solve the problem outside of court, but was met with an uncooperative response from Marvel. Cryptologic only wishes to protect its licensing rights, and sees legal action as a last resort.

In case you are wondering what the problem is you may remember having played some very cool Marvel superheroes themed slot games at Cryptologic powered casinos. These slots were a result of a partnership between the companies. They signed a contract which granted Cryptologic with exclusive licensing rights until 2013.

However, Marvel Comics’ subsidiary reneged on the exclusive part and signed a similar contract with Cryptologic’s competitor Playtech. This clearly made a lot of people at Cryptologic upset. We will keep you updated if the case goes to court or if the companies decide to solve it privately.