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France to Legalize Online Gambling


After recent events it is expected that The National Assembly in France will vote in favour of legalising online casinos across the country. Although France hasn’t been as staunch in their opposition to online gambling as the UIGEA in America, they have been keen to see the industry contained within its own shores.

Following the positive vote the final hurdle for the online casino industry to jump will be the EU who will have to give their final approval on the proposal.

Despite the benefits of the new law for many online casinos there are some who are not so keen on the proposed legislation. Many casino operators who are operating outside of France are concerned that the law discriminates against them and therefore doesn’t comply with EU rules. Indeed, the French have been keen to stress that they want the majority of their gambling revenue to stay within their shores.

These objections will each have to be investigated by the EU and will likely delay the finalisation and approval of the law. While this may anger some online casinos already operating in the country it still seems likely that the new law will go ahead, making France just one of a growing number of countries that are moving to legalise and fully regulate online casinos and poker.

Source: Gambling Online Magazine