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Isildur1 to Make Public Appearance at the Party Poker’s Big Game IV


Current online poker phenomenon Isildur1’s identity still remains a mystery to all of us. However, the days of wondering could be coming to and end very soon.

Ignoring the fact that Tony G (pictured) is weirdly obsessed with Isildur1 we will only focus in the fact that it is because of Tony G that we may get to see Isildur1 on a real cash game on TV.

Recently, Tony G posted on his blog that he would like Isildur1 to participate in Party Poker’s TV cash game “Big Game IV” and said that he could wear a hermit frog mask if he wanted to keep his identity secret.

On his latest blog entry Tony G notified us that Isildur1 agreed to participate on the show via email. “He is seriously thinking about just revealing himself to the world but the mask offer still stands,” said Tony G.

Whereas we do not know if Isildur1 will actually reveal himself, we still think it will be interesting enough to watch him play live poker and interact with the players around him.