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Product Designed to Battle Problem Gambling


The Nova Scotia Gaming Corporation selected Gameplan to empower players to gamble more responsibly at video lottery terminals (VLT) that are authorized by them. Gameplan has come up with a new software tool that will help combat problem gambling, one of the main concerns in the legalization and regulation of online gambling.

Once Gameplan’s software is downloaded and a play device is inserted into whichever terminal the player is wagering on a lot of options will become available for players to control their gambling patterns. Players will be receiving a track report of the wagers and results they get so that they are always aware of their gambling pattern.

This device also allows players to select different options based on the money-management criteria they enter into the device. Some examples are that players can program the device to limit losses during a game session so once the player loses that amount the device will block him from continue to wager. Players can also limit the time of their wagering sessions and block themselves from playing any particular day and from a period of time from one to three days.

So far, this is one of the first devices designed to combat problem gambling. Currently, the Internet Gaming Study Committee is examining the product in order to determine its efficiency for online gambling.