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Tom Dwan Gets Personalized Avatar


Recently, professional poker player Tom ‘durrrr’ Dwan got his personalized avatar at Full Tilt Poker. He became part of Team Full Tilt Pro and it was about time that we got to see what his avatar would look like.

In my opinion, the avatar looks pretty legit. It resembles Dwan’s face well and it is easily recognizable. Some of Dwan’s opponents immediately showed the love for it.

      Cole South: whoaaaaaaaa
      Cole South: who the f is that
      Cole South: nice avatar tom
      durrrr: jus seeing it myself
      durrrr: only saw sketches b4
      Cole South: looks pretty darn good

And others did the quite opposite.

      ziigmund: wtf?
      ziigmund: looks like you taking a dump
      ziigmund: in ur pants…

What do you think of the avatar?