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Doyle Brunson on Recruitment at the 2010 WSOP


Ten time WSOP bracelet winner and poker legend Doyle Brunson has decided to add a new player to his repertoire of proteges. However, the new recruit will have to earn his/her way to being part of the Brunson 1.

Doyle Brunson has announced that him and his team will be keeping an eye on especially talented players at the WSOP this year and they will try to get a feeling on who has what it takes to ride with the Brunson 10.

He also said that he has some names in his mind already such as Daniel “DJK” Kelly and David “Doc” Sands. Both of them have been making remarkable achievements in the online poker world for the past few years ad have amassed a couple millions in winnings each.

Daniel Kelly’s online winnings add up to $4 million that he has won in various online poker tournaments. David Sands has made over $2 million so far and both players have caught the eye of the poker legend.

The player(s) selected to be part of the Brunson 10 will join a team that includes some of the best poker pros in the world like Chris “Moorman1” Moorman, Zachary Clark, Amit Makhija, Dani “Ansky” Stern, Alex Kamberis and Steve Gross.