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Gus Hansen’s Night Results in a -$556,270 Fest


The virtual high stakes poker games never seize to amaze me. The pros just throw crazy amounts of money in which makes the action more intense and enjoyable everytime (regardless of how the games make me wish I had THAT much money available to gamble).

Anyway, Gus Hansen had been on a hot streak over the past couple of weeks but lately he dropped over half a million at the tables against some of the toughest opponents in a six-hours long gambling session.

First he played against Di ‘Urindanger’ Dang and he lost over $57,000 in 176 hands of $500/$1000 Cap Pot Limit Omaha. Next came Ilari ‘Ziigmund’ Sahamies who played against Hansen for nearly three hours and drained $375,282 from him in 686 hands.

Sahamies logged off and along came Ashton ‘theASHMAN103’ Griffin who stuck around for 40 minutes in which he profitted $150,000 in 120 hands.

It was only against Tom ‘durrrr’ Dwan that Hansen made a little profit of $125,000. However, the overall results cut the pro’s profits of the year by more than half as he is now down $556,270.

That was an intense night of gaming, the rest of us mortals only get to watch this mad action and be shocked by it. It is still worth watching!