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Live Dealer Becomes More Popular at Online Casinos


The live dealer feature is one of the latest novelties at online casinos. It involves real dealers dealing the cards for the games in real time with players looking at them from a webcam.

This feature was created to improve the sense of being in a real casino while playing online from home. A lot of players have shown approval of live dealers as it seems more “fair” to have a human being deal the cards instead of a RNG.

However, some of the problems that this feature presents is a speed limitation. Even though the dealers are properly trained, they are not as fast as RNG when dealing the cards and some players dislike that. Some others have commented that if they wanted to have a real dealer they would rather drive to a real casino instead of playing at home and that what they want is fast action.

This feature is not a must in online gambling for now, there are some limitations to it but luckily for us players some casinos are implementing it and some aren’t, so you can always choose what seems more convenient to you.