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Online gambling domain name has been sold for an incredible sum of $5.5 million. Christina Hall, the website owner, had kept her expected price secret but a lot of people in the industry estimated that it was somewhere above $1 million based on the sale of a similar domain name for $1 million.

Apparently, the auction was not a straightforward affair as it has been reported that the price fell short from what Hall expected to get. However, the auctioning firm solved the issue and the deal was closed. The difference in the price of and could be that .com domains generally fetch much higher prices than .org ones.

The buyer of has decided to keep his identity secret and the website remains the same despite the sale. HOwever, we expect that the site will be redesigned by the new owner(s) soon. Now, it has been reported that has drawn the highest price for a domain in 2010 and it also figures in the top 10 most expensive domain sales ever.