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Online Gambling Regulation Bill Passed by House Committee


On some terrific news it was reported that the House of Financial Services Committee approved a bill that will legalize and regulate online gambling in the United States. The bill was passed last Wednesday after a few ammendments were made.

The bill was passed in a 41-22-1 vote and it was bill HR 2267, the one that Committee Chairman Barney Frank had been fighting for since 2008 as it aimed to repel the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act.

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Customer Acquisition and Retention in Online Gambling at 2010 EiG


After the World Cup online gambling sites are looking for ways to hold on to the record number of punters that they got while the matches lasted. This is why the main theme of the Ninth Annual European iGaming Congress and Expo which is scheduled to happen from October 19th to 21st in Copenhagen.

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Choosing Between Different Bonuses at Online Casinos


From experience, I can tell that choosing bonuses at online casinos can be quite a hard task. Most casinos will ask you to choose one from a number of different bonuses and there are several factors that an online gambler should consider before making that choice.

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HR 2267 Hearing Update


Last Wednesday, Barney Frank’s bill HR 2267, which aims to repeal the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act (2006), was discussed by the House Financial Services Committee during a hearing.

The hearing was somewhat successful and

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CryptoLogic Releases New Gaming Package


Cryptologic is one of the best online gambling software development companies out there, however we could not help but notice that it has not been making a lot of headlines this year..

Well, now we know the reason why CryptoLogic had not been signing agreements with tons of online gaming operator and it is because

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Hearig Scheduled for Frank’s Anti-UIGEA Bill


The bill that seeks to repeal the Unlawful Internet Gambling Ban (UIGEA), HR 2267, is sponsored by Congressman Barney Frank. The latest news on this issue are that a hearing date has been announced for HR 2267 on July 21st.

HR 2267 has been in a limbo since December 2009, when it was proposed, and it seeks to legalize and regulate online gambling. Some anti-UIGEA supporters believe that this step is not going to take the bill anywhere for several reasons.

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BC, Canada Regulates Online Gambling


Recently, the government of BC in Canada launched their own site for online gambling in an attempt to tax and regulate the market. The British Columbia Lottery Corporation offered a variety of 75 gambling games on this site and they had a great turnover of players.

However, the online gambling site crashed within just a few hours after being launched due to

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New Study Reveals Facts About Online Gaming on Mobiles


Online gaming solutions provider GreenTube, decided to make a study that would reveal the habits of online gamblers on mobiles. This is a very innovativwe idea, the study is a pioneer in the field and the whole online gaming industry believes that it will be great information for online gaming operators.

Everyday more and more players decide to gamble online, but it is definitely easier when they can access their favorite activity from their mobiles. This study is meant to

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China Strict on Online Gambling


China is becoming extremely strict when it comes to online gambling. The Chinese police arrested more than 810 online football gamblers during the World Cup as the Ministry of Public Security cracks down on

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Microgaming Reaches $280,000,000 in Online Jackpots


Online gambling software developer giant Microgaming recently achieved a staggering $280,000,000 in jackpot earnings. If you add that to their massive online casino revenue, the payouts start to look amazing.

It is easy to see why Microgaming has reached a high level and are able to offer incredibly large payouts to their players. One of the reasons is