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BC, Canada Regulates Online Gambling


Recently, the government of BC in Canada launched their own site for online gambling in an attempt to tax and regulate the market. The British Columbia Lottery Corporation offered a variety of 75 gambling games on this site and they had a great turnover of players.

However, the online gambling site crashed within just a few hours after being launched due to to the extreme amount of traffic that they got. This is clear evidence that Canadian players had been waiting for a safe place to wager for years and now that it is finally here, they will still have to wait a little longer.

The online gaming site reached its maximum capacity in a few hours and lottery officials were forced to shut down the site. Currently, they are trying to add hardware and servers so that more Canadian players can enjoy the benefits of a regulated online gambling site.

“I cannot wait until the site is up and running again because I have been waiting a long time to play casino games on my computer,” said Shelley Simon. “It is nice to know there is a place where rules are going to be followed and my money is safe.”