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Choosing Between Different Bonuses at Online Casinos


From experience, I can tell that choosing bonuses at online casinos can be quite a hard task. Most casinos will ask you to choose one from a number of different bonuses and there are several factors that an online gambler should consider before making that choice.

The first recommendation is to read the fine print in the terms and conditions of the bonuses, so that you have a clear idea of what your expectations should be. Often, you will have to choose between a free spins welcome bonus and a deposit welcome bonus. You have to consider the highlights and downsides of both.

With the free spins bonus you will not have to make an upfront deposit, however you might be required to make a small deposit to withdraw your winning. The fine print will usually specify a cap for the winnings, there may also be a similar cap with the deposit welcome bonus so you might want to compare the two and choose the best one.

Another choice you will face is between a reload bonuses for different games. For example, you can get a reload bonus on slots, keno and scratch, or in table games and video poker. The choice is fairly easy if you do not like one of the games, however if that is not the case then we advice that you evaluate the parameters. Slot bonuses often have lower wagering requirements but this does not mean that they are better because slots, keno and scratch cards have ahigher house edge and players are less likely to make winnings.

Also, remember you only get to keep the winnings from the bonuses and not the bonuses. Another factor to consider is what type of player you are, if you like higher risk tendencies then go for slot bonuses, if not you might want to play it a bit safer.

We will discuss more bonus choices in the upcoming days so keep coming back to the site if you have doubts on other types of bonuses.