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Hearig Scheduled for Frank’s Anti-UIGEA Bill


The bill that seeks to repeal the Unlawful Internet Gambling Ban (UIGEA), HR 2267, is sponsored by Congressman Barney Frank. The latest news on this issue are that a hearing date has been announced for HR 2267 on July 21st.

HR 2267 has been in a limbo since December 2009, when it was proposed, and it seeks to legalize and regulate online gambling. Some anti-UIGEA supporters believe that this step is not going to take the bill anywhere for several reasons.

The first one is that the hearing is only a half a day hearing that starts after lunch and there has not been a mark up scheduled for July 21st which means that another hearing will have to be scheduled to get a vote. Another reason is that the agenda for the hearing is uncertain as no list of witnesses has been released by the Committee.

“We appreciate Chairman Frank calling another hearing on HR 2267. We hope this is the final step toward an eventual vote in his Committee on this legislation before the August recess. The PPA and the poker community stand ready to secure its passage,” said John Pappas, head of the Poker Players Alliance (PPA).

It has been over a month since the UIGEA came into effect and we are all just waiting to see what will happen with this situation in the US. We will keep you updated on how the hearing goes.