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New Study Reveals Facts About Online Gaming on Mobiles


Online gaming solutions provider GreenTube, decided to make a study that would reveal the habits of online gamblers on mobiles. This is a very innovativwe idea, the study is a pioneer in the field and the whole online gaming industry believes that it will be great information for online gaming operators.

Everyday more and more players decide to gamble online, but it is definitely easier when they can access their favorite activity from their mobiles. This study is meant to help software designers to understand the demographics and behaviour of the users who will download their online gambling applications someday..

The results of the study were that male users are more prone to pay for games on their mobiles and computers. This implies that female mobile users are less likely to deposit money into an online gambling venue, whether it is on their mobile or computer..

Another discovery was that mobile users will most likely play less regularly than computer users, hence mobiles are not the primary choice for this activity. According to the study, mobile gaming is more popular amongst individuals who are around 24 years old.

Everyone believes that mobile gaming is the future of online gambling; however, this study has some good input for developers to take into account when developing their products..