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Study Does Not Find Relation Between Internet and Gambling Addictions


Yesterday, I found it very surprising when I came across an Australian study which found that gambling addiction is not related to internet addiction. I thought that the addiction was psychological but it is quite new to find that there is absolutely no relationship between those two.

The results of a recent study conducted at the University of Melbourne were acquired by trying to set out to discover a link between gambling and internet addictions. The conclusion was that they do not overlap and that these addictions affected different types of people with similar character traits.

Dr. NA Dowling from University of Melbourne and M. Brown from Monash University conducted the study entitled “Commonalities in the Psychological Factors Associated with Problem Gambling and Internet Dependence.” They used students at universities in Australia as subjects and asked them questions regarding their gambling and internet habits.

The findings were very surprising, especially for those who claim that the internet encouraged addiction to online gambling. It was also found that the two disorders are totally separate from one another and that there is a specific personality type that is more prone to any type of addiction.

The study showed that those who suffered from an addiction to the internet, and those who were addicted to gambling shared a similar psychological profile. owever, it was clearly shown that they are were not MORE likely to become addicted to both the internet and online gambling.

The core of this study is that the internet should not be considered as the root of all addictions as there are other factors that lead to that.