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Sorel Mizzi Involved in Cheating Scandal Rumours… Again


I never thought Sorel Mizzi was a bad poker player, but it seems like he is just too greedy and keeps trying to make money the easy way. In the past few years Mizzi has been involved in several cheating scandals related to multi-accounting, colluding, amongst others.

Once more, Sorel Mizzi is being tracked down in relation to a cheating scandal that has not been confirmed.

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Online Gambling Declared Illegal in South Africa


News broke that Gauteng, a South African province has declared online gambling an unlawful activity. This was announced by the North Gauteng High Court on August 20th and the decision was delivered during the long running case in which the operators of Piggs Peak Online Casino based in Swaziland challenged the jurisdictional authority of South Africa.

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Deposit-Free Bonus Recommendations


Today I wanted to write an article on deposit-free bonuses because it seems like there are a lot of players who do not know of their existance nor how they can take advantage of them. You can find them at a lot of casinos so be attentive if you see a sign because it could be your chance for some free money.

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MasterCard Buys Payment Processor


Credit cards are the major electronic payment option available to online gamblers in the world. Players use them to make direct deposits and/or to put funds into their electronic wallets.

MasterCard is one of the largest credit card companies in the world, actually it is the second largest payments network, and now they have announced the acquisition of DataCash Group Plc

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Live Casino Experience Launched in the UK


Ever since the beginning of the online gaming industry, software developers have been trying to simulate a real life gambling experience accessible from computers. Now there might be a way to bring this experience to life, literally.

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Online Gambling Giants Compete to Develop the Best Online Slots


If you are a fan of online slots then you will be thrilled to read the news today. Two online gambling giants who have always tried to differentiate their products have now entered direct competition to offer players the best slots online.

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The Kentucky Supreme Court Files Law Suit Against PartyGaming


I am sure that if you are reading this article you are thinking “I can’t believe this $#!+ is still going on!” Well, I felt the same way when I first heard but it turns out that the Kentucky online gambling case is far from being gone.

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Online gaming giant PartyGaming was forced out of the US market in 2006, when the UIGEA was passed. However, as new legislation hits the stands everyone is waiting for them to finally make it back to the US online gambling market.

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Vegas Technology Progressive Jackpot Hit at Almost $1 Million


The progressive jackpot online slot game Red White & Win from Vegas Technology was hit three days ago for what is a staggering sum of almost $1 million. This slot if on of those that offer partial payouts if the jackpot conditions on the reels are met with less than the maximum coins wagered which creates some problems for tracking systems of progressive jackpots at casinos.

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Update on US Online Gambling Legislation – 70th Supporter Joins the Cause


After the hectic reporting of the passing of the HR 2267 in the House Committee, news on gambling legislation is coming in more slowly this week. .The HR 2267 has got its 70th co-sponsor. The time gap between the 69th and the 70th co-sponsors was long but worth it. This is because the new support comes from a Republican, Congressman John Campbell from California.