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Online gaming giant PartyGaming was forced out of the US market in 2006, when the UIGEA was passed. However, as new legislation hits the stands everyone is waiting for them to finally make it back to the US online gambling market.

The company has been making all the right moves to re-enter the market for the past couple of months as they expected online gambling to be regulated and legalized. PartyGaming has already settled with the US Department of Justice and paid a fine to clean its slate.

Now PartyGaming stands with no legal liabilities and is in line to get a license that will enable them to provide online gaming services in the United States. The company also merged with another online gaming leader bwin to form the largest online gaming company.

The merge agreement with bwin stated that is a shareholder stands in the way of getting a license for the company, that shareholder would be obigated to liquidate their stake. This clause was a result of some unlawful and/or suspicious activities that were carried out by shareholders from the company in the past.

Now all that is left is to wait for the licenses to be granted.