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MasterCard Buys Payment Processor


Credit cards are the major electronic payment option available to online gamblers in the world. Players use them to make direct deposits and/or to put funds into their electronic wallets.

MasterCard is one of the largest credit card companies in the world, actually it is the second largest payments network, and now they have announced the acquisition of DataCash Group Plc.

DataCash Group Plc is a UK payment processor of online credit card transactions. The purchase cost MasterCard the equivalent of $517 million, in cash. Last month, MasterCard’s largest competitor Visa bought a similar company but MasterCard’s officers said this was not by any means a response to Visa’s actions.

“The acquisition of DataCash will expand our already significant e-commerce merchant gateway presence in Asia and Australia to European countries and other high-growth, emerging markets worldwide.” said Ajay Banga, the Chief Executive Officer of MasterCard.