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Online Gambling Declared Illegal in South Africa


News broke that Gauteng, a South African province has declared online gambling an unlawful activity. This was announced by the North Gauteng High Court on August 20th and the decision was delivered during the long running case in which the operators of Piggs Peak Online Casino based in Swaziland challenged the jurisdictional authority of South Africa.

The judgment also ruled that the domestic gambling operator offering services to South African residents and the players are guilty of violating the law as it holds that online gambling transactions in the country are currently illegal.

It was immediately announced on the media that online gambling is now illegal in the province and that offenders would start being prosecuted. The parties included in the prosecution are service providers, players and also internet service providers hosting online gambling websites and financial institutions processing payments. Even the advertisors such as radio and TV stations, print media and outdoor advertising agencies will come within the purview of law.

The National Government of South Africa has stated their interest in regulating and taxing online gambling but while that happens, the situation described above is how things are in Gauteng.