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Sorel Mizzi Involved in Cheating Scandal Rumours… Again


I never thought Sorel Mizzi was a bad poker player, but it seems like he is just too greedy and keeps trying to make money the easy way. In the past few years Mizzi has been involved in several cheating scandals related to multi-accounting, colluding, amongst others.

Once more, Sorel Mizzi is being tracked down in relation to a cheating scandal that has not been confirmed. He is famous for not being too discrete about the unlawful plans he likes to carry on and this time a chat log has been published that shows Mizzi and Steve Weinstein planning online cheating.

This is the most relevant part of the chat log:

      Sorel- Toronto says:Â now theres more than 1 way we can profit from this program obv
      Sorel- Toronto says:Â the most obvious is just watching and taking over for your stakes when they’re deep in a tournament
      Sorel- Toronto says:Â the beauty of it is
      Sorel- Toronto says:Â ur not logging in from another IP
      Sorel- Toronto says:Â all you’re doing is controlling their mouse and keyboard
      thor says:Â yeh thats sick
      Sorel- Toronto says:Â and they can take it over again right away with the click of a mouse
      Sorel- Toronto says:Â ive been experimenting with the program for about 2 weeks
      Sorel- Toronto says:Â and now im very familiar with it

There is still no proof that the chat log is legit and not just an evil creation, however, it is exhausting to see this talented young player always involved in some type of controversy. I hope, for his own sake, that this is not true.