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The Kentucky Supreme Court Files Law Suit Against PartyGaming


I am sure that if you are reading this article you are thinking “I can’t believe this $#!+ is still going on!” Well, I felt the same way when I first heard but it turns out that the Kentucky online gambling case is far from being gone.

Last time we heard about this the Kentucky Supreme Court asked iMEGA to name at least one of its clients so that the Court would consider its arguments concerning the domain names seizure case. The company proceeded to do so and the Supreme Court had still to rule in the matter.

Next thing, the state of Kentucky filed another suit against the operators of Full Tilt Poker, Pocket Kings and the ruling was still pending. On August 13th news broke that the state of Kentucky decided to add an amendment to its suit and add PartyGaming to the case. As we all know, PartyGaming left the US market in 2006, however the lawsuit focuses on the services the company provided to Kentucky customers prior to that.

The reason as to why the Kentucky Supreme Court filed a suit against PartyGaming is unclear and a lot of industry experts speculate on the matter. However, I think this was a low blow, especially after Barney Frank’s online gambling regulation bill had just been passed and as PartyGaming made plans to re-enter the US market.

We will keep you updated on the matter as this case seems to not be willing to go away.