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Isle of the Man Promotes e-Gaming


One of the largest online gambling jurisdictions in the world is Isle of the Man. Actually, the e-Gaming sector is the country’s fastest growing sector and it is very important for the economy which is currently hosting 25 active license holders.

As a result of this, the government decided to take a new initiative and the Department of Economic Development and Hamblin Employment Group will be hosting a pioneer foundation course on e-Gaming so that people considering or starting a career in this sectir can have more resources.

The course will last for three days and it will run from September 21st until September 23rd of 2010 at St. John-s Mill, Tynwald Mills. The course aims to raise awarenedd and understanding of the e-Gaming sector and it will consist of four modules which will comprehend the e-Gaming industry, employment opportunities and what employers are looking for in candidates. The cost of participation will be split between the participant and the Department for Economic Development.

“Not only does this raise the profile of the industry both locally and further a field, but it is also a show of support for our existing employers in the sector and will assist them in increasing their employment of Manx workers.” said Garth Kimber, Head of e-Gaming Development at Isle of Man government’s Department of Economic Development.