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Player Hits Online Jackpot and Declines the Prize! – Here’s Why


Can you imagine hitting a progressive jackpot at an online casino and turning it down? I know, i cannot either. However, Mr. C from China thought the reasonable choice was to not cash out the money.

This is perhaps the only time in the history of online gambling that someone has refused to accept a payout. Apparently, Mr. C hit the Microgaming progressive at Jackpot City online casino at a slot game named WowPot. The prize was an odd figure of £4,444 and Mr. C did not take it.

The reason behind this is that the Chinese can be supersticious at times and the number 4 (see picture) in Chinese is pronounced like the word for death, making it the most inauspicious number. When Mr. C saw a figure with four 4s he definitely thought he should stay away from that.

Mr. C did not want to take the prize but did not want to miss out on his winnings so he contacted customer support and presented the issue. “We’re still talking to the player and working out the best approach to handle this, which is sensitive to the player’s beliefs and concerns, but ensures that he does not lose out on his winnings.” said Terry Maverick, the spokesman for Jackpot City.