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Spain and Latin America Start to Open Up to Online Gambling


A couple of online gaming companies decided to start a new venture and explore the Spanish speaking online gambling market. They have directed their efforts to Spanish speaking countries in Latin America and Spain and most of them say that they have found an unexploited gold mine in that part of the world.

The online gambling market in Latin America and Spain has a very large audience and it had been out of the radars of online gambling sites until recent days. Online gaming operators only found an obstacle which was the regulation of the activity in all the different countries but it seems like the territories are starting to open up to the idea of online gaming.

Spain has been the first country to take an initiative to start making legislation to regulate online gambling in the country. There have been meetings held since 2007 but they finally seem to be taking firmer steps towards opening up the market.

We hope that countries in Latin America will follow the initiative and start writing their own legislation for online gaming so that soon the whole globe will be enjoying of this great activity.