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Canadian online casino players received very sad news last week when a lot of online casino operators announced that they will no longer be providing them with their services.

The message was a result of new legislation coming into effect in Canada. The legislation prohibits foreign online casinos to offer casino games and products in their jurisdiction. Due to the instability of online gambling regulation in Canada, companies are not entirely sure of how to proceed.

The word is that experts found out that all casinos in Canada use the same downloadable software packages and as players will remain able to access the games from their browsers, experts believe that the company behind the software is responsible for this new change in legislation. However, It is also believed that the same company may try a marketing trick as they could assume that new laws will appear soon and that the Canadian Government will grant them with a license later on.

Canada is a very complex case of online gambling legislation as each province has its own laws making it more difficult to offer services at a national level. British Columbia is the only province that has made online gambling legal so far.