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About Playtech TV Gaming


The latest technology being used for online gaming is bringing casino games to players’ TV screens. Playtech was the first to finalize their TV gaming project and launched it in early 2010. As we know everyone wants to find out what it is about before jumping to it, here are some basic points to consider.

There are drastic differences between online gaming and TV gaming. One of them is the fact that this has a player wagering alone. This is due to the original design that thought of a mass audience. The games have presenters and dealers that have a celebrity background and the games look like the usual television show.

Another difference is that the TV games do not work on a schedule like they would at an online casino. Playtech TV gaming is not broadcast on televisions but it is only available in webcast format.

As each available table per game has a presenter 24/7 there are no limits to when you can play nor to how many players can take part in the game. The rules and the payouts are similar to those of casinos and players can wager real money.

The animation is an aspect that stands out because Playtech has added entertaining and flashy graphics that are organized in a timely manner with the presenters. All in all, we give TV gaming thumbs up even though it can be very hard and different to what players may be used to.