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Bill to Regulate Online Gambling in Florida


Given that statistics say that one million Florida residents partake in illegal offshore gambling activities, the state is now analyzing a bill that could regulate online gambling and generate a $200 million revenue.

The bill proposes that the state of Florida allows online casino style games to be operated online in a state regulated casino hub. Such games include Texas Hold’em poker and other card games, but do not include slots. However, there is hope that slots can be added to the bill in the future.

More specifically the bill proposes that the state of Florida regulates a hub that requires those who wish ti run a poker room to pay a license fee. Those who wish to be part of the affiliate programs would also pay a fee, but less than that paid by operators.

There is also a recognition that there need to be security measures enforced to ensure that all players are of legal age and that there can be documentation, as well as limitation, of how much a player plays.

This bill sounds safe and sound to me, we will keep you updated on what Florida decides to do with it.