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Online Casinos being Sued by Land-Based Operators


This week news broke that some online casino names are being sued by land based casinos. The report stated that Station Casinos, a land based casino company, has filed a lawsuit against two online website operators.

Station Casinos has filed a lawsuit against S.L. Enterprises and Ryan Murphy, a United Kingdom resident. The accused parties are in charge of operating the websites and and Station Casinos claims that the websites are using their brand name to direct traffic to their websites.

Another claim by Station Casinos is that the websites attract users through web searches and that those users could have been looking for Station Casinos. Experts believe that this will not be easy to prove in a trial.

Whereas some people think this is a desperate move by Station Casinos, a company that has been seen struggling throughout the economic downturn, some others seem to think the case has a valid point. I guess we will know the final decision when the judge dictates it.