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Study Shows that Card Games Reduce the Risk of Getting Alzheimer’s


Dr. Jeffrey Cummings, the world’s leading researcher on Alzheimer’s disease, broke great news recently. According to Dr. Cummings playing poker and other card games twice a week can reduce the risk of developing dementia and Alzheimer’s.

Not only will playing card games help, but the figures report that it can reduce the risk of getting those diseases by 50%! He also stated that, opposed to popular belief, relaxing during those years can actually increment the risk of developing dementia.

Dr. Cummings is referencing a study that was carried out in 2009 in France which included 5,000 participants who engaged in mental activities, such as playing cards, twice a week and showed a 50% risk reduction for all forms of dementia.

In his research, Cummings references a 2009 French study that included 5,000 participants, showing that engaging in mental activities like playing cards twice a week, led to a 50 percent risk reduction for all forms of dementia.

“We have a social idea of what retirement consists of and we need to re-examine that idea,” Cummings said. “The logical extension of the data we have on dementia is that a person who is still capable of working, who is mentally stimulated with a strong sense of purpose, is better off from the cognitive point of view continuing to engage in that position.”

I think we have been taking retirement plans on the wrong direction, forget the cruise ships and the resort vacations, play poker and stay active!