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The State of Kentucky Files Lawsuit Against Microgaming


As we already know, the State of Kentucky loves to attack online gambling and to profit from such proceedings. The state and its lawmakers have an ongoing battle with the online gambling industry that just seems to be growing.

Their first big case was the seizure of over 140 domain names that were ruled out by the courts in Kentucky.However, their new move targets a giant casino software provider, Microgaming, with its 120 casinos and 40 poker sites operating within the state’s borders.

The State of Kentucky has filed a lawsuit against Microgaming which charges the company with having more than 3 million visitors every month, giving the Commonwealth of Kentucky the ability to say that they have the sufficient minimum contacts within their borders to establish personal jurisdiction.

The charges are applied for a period of time starting in 2005 and continuing until 2008. The lawyers are claiming that Microgaming has performed “monetary transfers, extended credit, set up accounts and took rakes and profits from their family of sites. Other chargesaccuse Microgaming of solely designing their websites with the purpose of attracting players in Kentucky to get them to gamble illegally.

The state aims to seek damages for all monies lost from its residents during the three years to be paid back. I guess we will be hearing more from the Kentucky courts soon.