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On the Mid-Term Elections and Online Gaming


Just reporting after watching the intense elections that the US went through today. It seems like the Republican party won a lot of seats this time as the majority of US citizens decided to side with them this time.

Whereas I do not want to get into an argument on politics, let’s better discuss what this means for the online gaming industry as a whole. Most of you are aware that the Republican party has never sided with us on the legalization and regulation of online gambling.

There are a few Republican representatives who actually like online gambling, but I do not think they would push too hard to get the legalization and regulation bills passed.

I am sorry to bring the mood down for those who are happy about the elections, but realistically it is now going to take even longer to legalize and tax our favorite hobby.

I hope you were all out there voting and deciding the future of the country, please post your comments and let us know what you think!