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WSOP Crowns New Champion: Jonathan Duhamel


The final stage for the avid November 9 finally came and the World Series of Poker (WSOP) crowned a champion for 2010. This time it was Canadian poker player Jonathan Duhamel who took the bracelet home along with the $8.9 million first prize.

7,319 players began the battle for the coveted 2010 WSOP Main Event bracelet and these were the players who proved to be the strongest with their respective chip counts at the beginning of the final table:

    1. Jonathan Duhamal – 65,975,000 – Canada
    2. John Dolan -46,250,000 -USA
    3. Joseph Cheong – 46,250,000 – USA
    4. John Racener -19,050,000 – USA
    5. Mathew Jarvis – 16,700,000 – Canada
    6. Filippo Candio – 16,400,000 – Italy
    7. Michael Mizrachi -4,450,000 – USA
    8. Soi Nguyen – 9,650,000 – USA
    9. Jason Senti – 7,625,000 St. – USA

Out of this group the players who went into heads-up place were Jonathan Dumahel and John Racener. The action was slow until after the final break when Duhamel managed to hit Racener hard and get him under 17 million chips.

Racener gave Duhamel a good fight for the bracelet and finally shoved all in, forcing Duhamel to fold on one of his bluffs. The final hand had Duhamel go all-in with AsJh and Racener called with Kd8d.

The flop ran 9s 4c 4d keeping Duhamel ahead with his Ace high. The turn was a 6s and made no difference and finally the river sealed the players’ fate with a 5c.

Duhamel will bank $8.9 million for the win and Racener will take home the second place prize of $5,545,855, which is not bad at all. Duhamel is only 23 years old and dropped out of college to pursuit a poker career, yesterday he became the first Canadian to ever win the WSOP.