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2010 Poker Cheating Scandals?


Recently, Sam Simon, the co-creator of one of the most popular animated TV series ‘The Simpsons’, talked to the Las Vegas Review Journal and informed them of some cheating scandals he has witnessed this year.

The first scandal that Simon talked about was the fact that one of the greatest titans of poker, a high stakes professional poker player has continued to lose millions of money due to a hidden cheat cam installed in his house. Simon refused to reveal the name of the victim, but apparently it is one of the most popular poker pros in the circuit and somehow someone gained access to his house and installed a camera above his computer.“He found a camera stuck in his ceiling, looking at the [computer] screen,” said Simon.

The second scandal that Simon talked about involved him directly, he claimed that two players were sitting togetherphysically and playing at the same table. That apparently allowed them to team up against other players at the table. PokerStars ran an algorithm test that proved that Simon had, in fact, been scammed and he got his money back.

Personally, I think that the second cheating scandal is true, but the first one is kind of trivial and uncertain. I guess we will just have to take Simon’s word for it and… advice poker pros to increase security at their houses?