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Caesars Casinos Moves to Ohio


Formerly known as Harrah’s Entertainment, Caesar’s Entertainment is the largest casino company in the world. They have been at the frontline of casino gaming for years due to their ability to please players and adapt to new technology. Recently, the company saw that the gambling industry was leaning towards online gambling and they did not hesitate to adapt.

This decision came at the same time as Senator Harry Reid proposed online poker legislation favored existing casinos when acquiring online licenses. On Wednesday, Caesars Entertainment announced that they will join the gaming industry in the state of Ohio.

The company will operate and have a stake at the two biggest casinos in Ohio, they will spend million of dollars in the building of two casinos in Cleveland and Cincinnati, both casinos were approved by Ohio residents in 2009. Even though the actual investment in the casinos was not revealed, Caesars Entertainment will definitely be operating them.