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CardPlayer Announces Player of the Year


Every year the popular gaming magazine CardPlayer picks a lucky gambling figure as the “Player of the Year”. This year the winner is not a traditional poker figure, but it is a player who recently emerged from the shades in the online poker world to the live poker arena.

Usually, a player is picked after considering their points in the point race that the magazine runs on its website throughout the year. Other considerations may also be their places in a tournament, the number of players in the tournament and their winnings.

The new player of the year is Thomas Marchese and he has had quite an extraordinary year. His accomplishments include a $827,648 at the £5k North American Poker Tour (NAPT) Deep Stack Extravaganza, and a fourth place finish in the €25k NL High Roller Event.

He made outstanding poker profits all year around, except during the months of May, July and December. He banked $2,115,160 in live tournaments during 2010, there are certainly some poker pros out there who are really jealous.

“It has been good for me. In previous years I have had issues with patience and things like that. I finally ironed it out and I have a more consistent and patient game. For me, since I come from cash games online and then going to tournaments where there is a lot of deep stack play I have an advantage over online tournament players, who are used to much shorter stacks. I feel like I have a good skill set for live and it has worked out so far,” the talented player said.