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New Jersey Online Gambling Bill Delayed


A couple of weeks ago there was a huge fuzz concerning an online gambling regulation bill in New Jersey that seemed to be on the road to be passed. However, it seems like the bill ran into a little bit of traffic on the way and it was not put to vote at the Assembly on December 13th as it was planned.

Apparently, there was a minor amendment of the bill at last minute, it involved a reduction of the proposed 5% racing levy after five years of the bill being in place. According to standard procedure, any change in tax structure or tax implications in a bill requires re-examination and re-approval by the Appropriation Committees in the Senate and the Assembly before anyone can vote on it.

The bill will still be up for voting, but the new date is January 6th, 2011. I guess we will just have to hold our breath until the holiday season is over to know the results. When enacted, the bill will allow New Jersey residents to gamble online at licensed sites operated by Atlantic City casino owners.

Better news are that the sports betting bill was put up to vote on the floor of the Assembly on that day and it was passed by an overwhelming majority.