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Online Gambling Legislation Brought Up at the House Once More


The legislative climate for online gambling continues to get stirred up, this time by Harry Reid, Senator Majority of the Nevada district. Reid is trying to push forward his own legislative bill to get online poker legalized in the United States.

As usual, one of the strongest arguments for a state to want to legalize poker is the revenue that is currently being lost through it, estimated figures are around $5 billion per year lost to offshore operators. Earlier this year, the House debated the merits of online casino games and the PPA has been a strong advocate for the legalization of the activity.

The well known Massachusetts Representative, Barney Frank, recently said, “We are not talking about an activity that harms others where we properly step in. We are talking about a decision by adults to do what they want with their own money.”

However, a group of Republican leaders brought up a statement about poker legislation which read, “congress should not take advantage of the young, the weak and the vulnerable in the name of new revenues to cover more government spending.”

The public opinion has also been represented as a group of citizens were asked what they think of the republicans stand. Judy Sanders responded, ” This is foreseen as yet another hypocritical step on the lives of Americans, Congress needs to stop legislating morality. Does online gaming need regulation? Of course, just as brick-and-mortar casinos do; just as other potentially harmful vices like alcohol do; just as many businesses do.”

The dispute has been troubling the House for a while now and we are all ready for them to make more decisions, hopefully in our favor.