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So… What is Going on With eWalletXpress?


Online gamblers have expressed their concern for the situation with online payment processor eWalletXpress. Recently, players who used this processor to manage their money at online gambling sites found out that the site was down and that the company was not providing the usual services. Naturally, those online gamblers wondered what was to happen to the funds in their accounts as they were unsure of what was happening.

Even though we have not heard a formal statement from eWalletXpress, several online gambling forums on the web have issued notifications that this is no longer an accepted deposit option for casinos. Players have not had access to the funds in their accounts and continue to wonder what the outcome of this will be.

There is a lot of speculation for the causes of this, the most predominant idea is that US authorities shut the site down for illegal activity. Apparently, there was a federal seizure of the company’s funds. However, eWalletXpress is yet to release a statement clarifying the whole situation.

No one is certain of what will happen now that UseMyWallet took eWalletXpress’ place and we recommend that users stick to the information provided to them in the form of formal notifications from both parties. We are sorry that there are players with their money in a current limbo, but we hope the situation will be solved promptly.