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California to Replace Las Vegas as Gambling Capital?


Some of you may have already heard about Doyle Brunson’s latest blog post, but I still want to write about for those who have not and because I found it extremely interesting. Poker’s Big Papa stated that Las Vegas is an undesirable place for a professional poker player to live and that he was considering moving.

The reason Brunson gave was that there are not many high-limit games around anymore and that he might be considering moving to California. This got me thinking that Brunson could be right and that the gambling niche may be falling a little short in game quality lately.

Another poker pro, Phil Ivey, also added to the topic by saying: “Once Chip Reese died it was pretty much over. He was pretty much the backbone of the high-stakes games and now, there’s really no big game (in Las Vegas) anymore, except for during the World Series or when a tournament is in town or something like that. So yeah, there’s no real reason to be there.”

There are still some great games involving players like Seidel, Dwan, Negreanu and many other poker titans, however it does seem like poker pros are more attracted to exotic destinations recently. Will California be exotic and exciting enough? We’ll just have to wait and see.