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Durrrr Challenge Part 2: Jungleman


Online poker titan Tom ‘durrrr’ Dwan had us hanging with his challenge against another titan of poker, Patrik Antonius. However, before that challenge came to an end, durrrr entered a new challenge this time against Dan ‘Jungleman12’ Cates. The challenge has been ongoing, and the two players met at the tables once more on Monday night.

The session lasted 6 hours and the poker pros played 2,918 hands of $200/$400 NL Hold’em. This time Cates aggressively took the lead, taking a $319,103.50 win. He is now ahead by $819,213.50 and the challenge is close to being halfway through.

It still amazes me to see the size of the pots that these players gamble for. The largest one of the night was a $216,505.50 pot that Cates won with a flush over flush. Right now, it seems like the challenge is leaning towards Cates’ side, but we never know for sure considering the talent and skill the players have displayed.