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High Stakes Report of the Week


This week we saw some intense action at the high stakes online poker tables, with Patrik Antonius having collected a significant figure from the other poker pros. A lot of poker pros were seen at the high stakes table even though they were also playing the Aussie Millions during the past couple of days.

Patrik Antonius collected $447,000 in winnings last week playing $2k/$4k Omaha against NEKOTYAN. They played 358 hands and that was enough for NEKOTYAN to make such a large donation to Antonius’ pocket. This win has placed Antonius on the third spot of the 2011 cash leaderboard.

Urindanger is still on the first position and he stands with really good chances of cracking $1 million in online poker this year. I hope the good gaming keeps up during this week and we will be keeping you updated.