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Sony to Release Multifunctional Device for Gambling


Nowadays, online casino players prefer options like smartphones and iPads as opposed to the Sony PSP and Nintendo DS. This is because they are looking for multifunctional gaming options. However, the companies behind the PSP and Nintendo DS are not willing to go without a fight and they have continued to innovate to a very high level.

Recently, Sony announced that they will be launching a new portable console that will come with the high quality of a PS3. The new product will be the PSP2 and it will be different from the products being launched by Google and Apple. January 27th is the day in which Sony will reveal many other details about the device and, honestly, everyone should be keeping an eye out for developments.

Demos will be shown at this year’s E3 show. The PSP2 is expected to come with a high-definition screen, twin-stick controls and even some phone capabilities. They expect it to make it multifunctional like the iPhone and Android. This seems like a good deal, I just love it when companies shower players with better things every day.